23 feb 2015

Peter Yates concert. The Egg and the Seed

A program of tangos, Baroque arias, phase-shifting grooves channeling the ghost of Charlie Christian, 12-tone invocations of  “Moon River," and the new live version of Yates' The Egg and the Seed - a multimedia extravaganza about intercourse in all forms and levels of scale – molecular, cellular, interpersonal, cultural and national. 250 collage images present a "comic book" age-of-exploration narrative whose text blocks and word balloons are not read, but sung. Metaphors of seeking, sighting, touching, merging, mixing and emerging multiply, leading to a cyclic conclusion where all ends in another beginning. 

featuring faculty artists
Juliana Gondek, voice
Movses Pogossian, violin

and special guests
Alexandra Grabarchuck, voice
with Buzz Gravelle, guitar and mandolin; and Walter Marsh, guitar


Zero's Vinyl (2014), 
Buzz Gravelle
Buzz Gravelle mandolin, Walter Marsh, guitar; Peter Yates, arpeggione

Tango – Cafe 1930, 
Astor Piazzolla
with Movses Pogossian, violin

A Spanish Cantata, 
G. F. Handel
No se emenderá jamás – Rezitativo – Dicente mis ojos
with Juliana Gondek – voice

Carnival Skies at Dusk (2011), 
Buzz Gravelle
with Buzz Gravelle, guitar

Three In A Row (2014), 
Walter Marsh
Buzz Gravelle, mandolin; Walter Marsh, guitar; and Peter Yates, arpeggione

Four Sacred Arias, 
J. S. Bach
Three Folk Songs, 
Joaquin Rodrigo
with Juliana Gondek and Buzz Gravelle (mandolin)

The Egg and the Seed (live version 2014), 
Peter Yates
with Alexandra Grabarchuk, voice;
and Alan Berman, slidemaster

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