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Festival Internacional de Guitarra. Hersbruck

The 13. International Guitar Festival in Hersbruck
August 18-25 2012


The 13th International Guitar Festival in Hersbruck near Nürnberg (Germany) will be held from August 18th through 25th 2012. The beautiful surrounding of the medieval city of Hersbruck and the familiar atmosphere makes this festival unique. Artistic director Johannes Tonio Kreusch formed a festival, which shows all the different sides of the guitar. The featured artists of the festival are musicians from all different styles ranging from Classical, Flamenco, Fingerstyle, Latin to Jazz.

 Highlights of the festival include guitar stars Alvaro Pierri (Classical), Los Angeles Guitar Quartet (Classical), Scott Tennant, Bill Kanengiser, Mathew Greif, John Dearman, Gerardo Nunez (Flamenco), Diknu Schneeberger (Gypsy Swing), Jorge Cardoso (Classical), Amadeus Guitar Duo (Classical), Johannes Tonio Kreusch (Classical), Badi Assad (Brazilian), Michael Langer (Fingerstyle), Pierre Bensusan (Fingerstyle), Stephan Bormann (Electric Guitar), Robert Barto (Lute), Tulio Peramo Cabrera (Composition), Cornelius Claudio Kreusch (Jazz-Piano), Bobby Watson (Saxophon) amo.

In additon to daily concerts, the festival offers individual instruction at all levels as well as seminars, workshops, open masterclasses, student concerts, jam-sessions and a music exhibitions. Students are invited to apply for scholarships.

A daily seminar program will be held during the festival. Themes are:

"How to find a good way to practice“, "Interpretation of Early Music“, "How to find the correct body movements and balance while playing“, "Guitar Performance Ensemble and participation at a  world premier performance“, "How to avoid and cure musical sicknesses like focal dystonia or stage frightening“, "Basic Improvisation“, "Bandworkshop“, etc

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